Ray Russell

(September 4, 1924 – March 15, 1999)

Ray Russell was an American editor and writer. He is best known for his horror writing, though he did write in other genres. His most famous work is a short story called ‘Sardonicus’. The Case Against Satan was his first novel.

Russell served in the US Air Force in 1943-1946. He also worked for the US Treasury before moving into fiction. In the 1950s, he began working for a magazine as a fiction editor and published many short stories in that venue. He also began writing short stories around this time.

In 1961, he wrote his first novel and began writing screenplays for Hollywood. His best known screenplays include X and The Premature Burial.

In 1991, Russell received the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement. He died in 1999 from complications after a stroke.

Ray Russell is a book author.

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