Duong Thu Huong

(1947 – )

Duong Thu Huong is a Vietnamese writer.After volunteering for a youth brigade during the Vietnam War — where she was one of three survivors from a volunteer group of forty students — she became an outspoken activist and political figure fighting against corruption and for democracy. She was labelled as a dissident, imprisoned for her views, and heavily censored by her government. Her writing is considered some of Vietnam’s most popular literature but was published primarily outside of Vietnam.

Duong Thu Huong is a book author.

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The Sorrow of War & Novel Without a Name


Bao Ninh’s The Sorrow of War and Duong Thu Huong’s Novel Without a Name are both novels about the Vietnam War from the perspective of young men who served in the North Vietnamese Army.  They are powerful testaments from a viewpoint that we do no often get in the west — that being the Americans as the invading, colonialist army in Vietnam.