Thomas Tryon

(January 14, 1926 — September 4, 1991)

Thomas Tryon was an American actor and novelist. He is best known for his acting work.

Tryon was born to a wealthy clothier. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

He had a long acting career, starting on Broadway and continuing until 1969. He very memorably worked for Disney. In 1969, he retired from acting to become a novelist.

For the next twenty years, Tryon wrote a dozen genre novels and novellas. He was commercially successful, despite critical skepticism.

Despite having married and divorced a woman, his relationships were mostly with men. He died in 1991 and, at Tryon’s request, the cause of death was released as ‘stomach cancer’. It was later revealed that the stomach cancer was caused by his being HIV-positive.

Thomas Tryon is a book author.

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