Rudyard Kipling

(December 30th, 1865 — January 18th, 1936)

Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English novelist and poet. Having been born and raised in India, he considered himself Anglo-Indian, though he spent most of his life outside of India.

Kipling won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. He was a prolific writer, creating many novels, short stories, and volumes of poems that continue to be influential today. Perhaps his most famous work is his novel The Jungle Book.

Kipling’s modern reputation is much controversial than it was during his own time. As much of his writing is derived from Indian folklore, culture, and contemporary writings, Kipling’s writing walks the lines of plagiarism and cultural appropriation. He was a confirmed imperialist. But Kipling was also in a uniquely privileged position which allowed him to bring Indian culture to Europe and the Americas. Because of this, his work was beloved to many people — despite its colonialist roots.

Kipling was also an avid Freemason.

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