Anne Douglas Sedgwick

(March 28th, 1873 — July 19th, 1935)

Anne Douglas Sedgwick was an American-born British writer. Though she wrote twenty books in the early twentieth century, her work has mostly been lost to time.

Douglas Sedgwick was born in New Jersey, but her family moved to England when she was nine. She never permanently returned to the United States. At twenty-five, she published her first book, The Dull Miss Archinard.

In World War I, she and her husband, Basil de Sélincourt, volunteered for work in hospitals and orphanages in France.

Several of her novels explored the difference in values between Americans and Europeans, and four were on The New York Times best-selling list. Her novel Tante was made into a silent film, The Impossible Woman, in 1919, and The Little French Girl was made into a silent film of the same name in 1925.

Her last book was written in 1929, and she died in Hampstead in 1935.

Anne Douglas Sedgwick is a book author.

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