Flora Thompson

(December 5, 1876 — May 21, 1947)

Flora Thompson was a UK novelist. She was born in Juniper Hill in Oxfordshire, and her best known work chronicles her childhood in rural England in the late 19th century. Other than some verse and nature articles, Thompson’s work was almost entirely fictionalized autobiography.

Thompson was one children of six, educated in a parish grammar school. At fourteen, she began to work as a postmistress in a nearby town. She moved several times to different towns and post offices, and eventually married her husband John — who was also a post clerk.

The Thompsons had three children, a girl and two boys. The youngest son died in World War II, which had a profoundly negative effect on Flora’s health in her last few years of life.

Largely self-educated and a self-taught writer, she didn’t begin publishing her work until the 1920s. Her best known trilogy, Lark Rise to Candleford, was published by Oxford University Press.

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