Jane Austen

(December 16th, 1775 — July 18th, 1817)

Jane Austen was an English novelist, best known for her biting satires of sentimental novels.

There is very little known about Jane Austen’s life. Her sister Cassandra destroyed or censored most of Austen’s correspondence for the sake of tactfulness. Austen was known to be very blunt and acidic in her letters.

Austen was born in Hampshire and educated in the county of Oxford and in Reading, as well as at home. She was well-educated and was believed to have received the same education and library access as the boys her father tutored. She began writing at a young age, partially for the amusement of herself and family.

When she was published, Austen was forced to publish her books anonymously — which was common for women at the time. The novels were well-received and widely acclaimed in her lifetime.

She died in 1817, of what was believed to be Addison’s disease or Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Austen left her unpublished manuscripts to her sister Cassandra.

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Pride and Prejudice

Romantic Era

I’ve been reading classic literature since I was very young, but the work of Austen was a blind spot for me. Mostly, that had to do with the way acquaintances pushed me to read them. Bright. Sparkly. Light. Romantic. Those are not the words that draw me to literature. They also weren’t the entire picture of either the novels or the author. This is a review of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.